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The mission of the Maternity and Early Childhood Foundation, Inc. is to ensure a safe and healthy birth of the child and the well-being of the mother by supporting and promoting services to those pregnant and parenting women and their families who are most in need.


Our vision is to provide leadership in developing, supporting and promoting best practices in the field of maternal and child health benefiting those most in need.

Who We Are

The Maternity and Early Childhood Foundation, Inc. is a not for profit organization in New York State that provides funds to community based agencies located in high need areas across New York State to serve low income expectant and new parents. Our goals are:

  • Healthy Birth Outcomes,
  • Optimal Child Health and Development
  • Positive Parenting

Funding is provided through the New York State Budget to the Foundation on an annual basis. Since the Foundation began in 1983, grants have been awarded to over 130 agencies across the state, and thousands of young families have received critical services at a most important time, the birth of a child.